Reliable Dog & Cat Boarding and Training Services


Man's best friend is just that and they deserve our best. Your dog will be provided with a temperature controlled wooden bed area with an attached covered run area during their stay here.  They have access to their private run all day but are enclosed inside the building at night.

We also provide obedience training services in which you can rely on our experienced trainers to bring about a change in your dogs behavior. Our training sessions are conducted in an interactive environment to motive and create positive behaviors.

Whether you are looking for dog or cat boarding services, Breton's School For Dogs & Cats is the right choice for you. We provide top-notch large cat condos for your furry feline. Cats are boarded individually but can see other cats in the room. We have 102 individually ventilated condos throughout nine rooms. Each room is equipped with a full length window for the cats to gaze out of during their stay.  “Window seats” will be given to cats on a first come first serve basis.  Your cat will be provided with a litter box, towel, and food and water bowls. For pet day care services, call us at (925) 263-6025. 


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